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WTVF, another Repack Project is now Complete!

WTVF was mandated to change its operating RF Channel from 25 to 36 as a part of the FCC Repack of television stations, currently underway. The top-rated CBS Affiliate serving Nashville contracted with ERI to provide and install a replacement side mounted TRASAR® UHF television antenna to replace its current standby antenna, which ERI installed on the WTVF tower at 766-feet above ground level. The new top mounted main antenna also purchased from ERI sits atop a 140-foot, self-supporting, 48-inch square support spine that ERI designed, manufactured and installed in 2012 as a part of the construction of WTVF’s post-transition digital transmission facility on its final RF Channel 25 assignment. The new elliptically polarized TRASAR® UHF television antenna replaced the RF Chanel 25 TRASAR installed in 2012. The new antenna also included a 4.5-foot pedestal interface to maintain the same overall height of the tower. In addition to the main and auxiliary WTVF, Channel 25, TRASAR antennas the tower also a side mounted RF Channel 5 panel antenna for co-owned LPTV WTVF-LD. Photo courtesy of ERI’s installation subcontractor for this project FullWave Tower & Broadcast, LLC.