WF513 UHF Waveguide Low Pass Harmonic Filter

The WF513 high power UHF low pass harmonic filter is a corrugated waveguide design in WR1500. There are two (2) different versions of the filter for the full range of US RF Channels 14 to 41 (470 to 638 MHz). The filters are supplied tuned to a specified channel. The filters are fan-cooled and include an over-temperature thermo-switch. The filter can be tuned for 6, 7, or 8 MHz pass bandwidths. ERI also has high power waveguide harmonic filters available to cover operating frequencies as high as 800 MHz.


The WF513 is generally ceiling hung with customer supplied support hardware. These items can be optionally supplied by ERI. In addition, ERI can provide complete RF system that would include bandpass filters, directional couplers for system monitoring, fine matching sections to optimize system performance, waveguide and coaxial motorized switched or patch panels, system test loads and can include integrated support frames in configurations tailored to the physical space available.


  • High Rejection 2nd and 3rd Harmonic
  • Extremely Low Insertion Loss and VSWR
  • Very High Power Handling Capability
  • Wide Range of Power Levels
  • Built-in Couplers Available
  • Transitions to Coaxial Flange Interfaces Available
  • Rugged Construction

WF513 UHF Waveguide Low Pass Harmonic Filter Product Brochure

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