VF-H8600 Integrated High Band VHF Channel Combiner

Economical and Compact High Band VHF Channel Combiner


The VF-H8600 is a compact solution for combining two high band VHF television channels into a single antenna. This is a single cabinet solution that is an economical alternative to traditional modular combiner configurations. The channel diplexer consists of two three (3) section band pass filters integrated into a single compact floor or ceiling mounted cabinet that requires no on site combiner assembly. It will combine any two high band VHF RF channels that are a minimum of 24 MHz spaced (N+4). The filters are temperature compensated.


  • Economical alternative to traditional branch combiner configurations
  • Eliminates on site filter assembly
  • High power handling in a small footprint
  • Temperature compensated filter design
  • In-Line junction combiner for any two N+4 spaced high band VHF channels
  • High Q Low loss 3-pole combline design
  • Lightweight Aluminum construction


  • Frequency Range
    All Band III VHF Television Channels (174 to 216 MHz)
  • N + 4 RF Channels (24 MHz spacing between channels)
  • Power Rating
    8 kW per input, average power, 8VSB or COFDM
  • 16 kW combined output
  • Cooling
  • VSWR
    <1.1:1, maximum
  • Insertion Loss, Fc
    <0.15 dB
  • Group Delay
    <10 nsec overall variation 6 MHz
  • Isolation
    30 dB minimum
  • RF Connectors
    3-1/8-inch EIA flange, male
  • Size
  • Length
    69.5 in | 1,765 mm
  • Width
    13.5 in | 343 mm
  • Height
    22.0 in | 559 mm
  • Weight
    202 lbm | 91.8 kg

VF-H8600 Integrated High Band VHF Channel Combiner Product Brochure

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