VF-H12500-83 High Band VHF Band Pass Filter

8 section, 12.5 kW, Forced Air Cooled, High Band VHF Band Pass Filters (3-1/8 input)


The VF-H12500-83 is a compact, eight section, high band VHF band pass filter that is adjustable for operating frequency, bandwidth, and mask slope. The filter can be configured to meet the requirements any standard digital or analog mask. This is a temperature compensated filter it maintains emissions compliance and an excellent input match from “cold start” and with variations in ambient temperature.

All ERI filter and RF component products are manufactured and precision tested for optimum electrical and mechanical performance.


  • Band tunable filter
  • Reflective or constant impedance models
  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Temperature Compensated Design
  • Low insertion loss


  • Power Rating, average
    12.5 kW
  • Cooling
    Forced Air
  • VSWR
  • Insertion Loss, Fc
    0.25 dB
  • Group Delay
    < 150 nsec
  • RF Connectors
    3-1/8 inch
  • Size
  • Length
    80 in | 2,032 mm
  • Width
    40 in | 1,016 mm
  • Height
    31 in | 798 mm
  • Weight
    240 lbm | 108.9 kg

VF-H12500-83 High Band VHF Band Pass Filter Product Brochure

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