Visual Data Monitor System

VDM Systems are constructed using quality industrial devices and provide complete monitoring and protection for the antenna, transmission line, and combiner system.


The VDM is a state-of-the-art multi-channel high resolution (16 bit) data acquisition system that displays, monitors, records and communicates vital information regarding broadcast system performance characteristics. The unit is user-friendly and comes with a multitude of features to save costs and simplify data acquisition in broadcast systems. It offers unbeatable ease of integration and performance when used with all types of sensors such as RF Power Detectors, Zone Temperature Sensors, Pressure Transducers, etc.


Features and Benefits

  • On screen schematics with actual readings, alarms and status
  • Measures and reports on antenna performance
  • Transmitter Interlock Control Unit provides a 3-count recycling/ shutdown sequence which is activated from VDM alarms
  • Monitors several combiner modules in shared master broadcast systems
  • Monitors and controls ice detectors and heaters for TV and FM antennas
  • Monitors antenna pressure and gas flow rate
  • Monitors lock-out/tag-out switches and records events into history log
  • Calculates and displays VSWR from forward and reflected measured values
  • Ideal for monitoring ERI’s Master Antenna System patching complexes and power distribution
  • Measures the temperature of combiner zones and system reject and test loads with infrared sensors
  • Provides text message and email alerts on triggered alarms and warnings
  • Adaptable to existing systems already equipped with directional couplers
  • Uses power tested RF diode detectors that are linearized with ERI directional couplers
  • Self-contained operation totally independent from a PC
  • Built-in web server provides online visualization of operating conditions
  • Communicates via Ethernet, RS232/485 and optional GSM/GPRS modem
  • Informative brilliant 7" TFT display uses four soft-keys and one control knob
  • Channels can be configured as forward or reflected power indicators, temperature, pressure, and more
  • Sensors interface with VDM through easily removable connectors
  • Can be rack-mounted or mounted using an optional wall-mount enclosure cabinet accommodating up to four VDMs
  • Generates a displayed system schematic with measured placed values
  • Optional PC provides a back-up for the complete VDM monitor and setup (can be used for restoring operation)
  • An integrated web server enables remote viewing of instantaneous measured values
  • Fast 100 ms scan rate for all channels and a high seep memory cycle of 100 ms with intelligent alarm and limit management

Product Brochure

Visual Data Monitor Product Brochure

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