UF7500/UF17500/UF25000 Series UHF Band Pass Filters

The UF7500/UF17500/UF25000 is a product family that shares a common case and handles up 7.5 kW average power when convection cooled. The power handling is increased to 17.5 kW, average power, with the addition of forced air cooling and to 25 kW with liquid cooling. The filter is tunable and exceptionally efficient.


The filter is constructed of lightweight silver-plated Aluminum with silver plated Aluminum resonators  The Evanescent coupled TEM resonators are durable and provide a rugged design that tunes easily. Tuning elements are designed with the tuner in mind, allowing precise tuning for today’s stringent applications in significantly less time for additional cost savings. Multiple cross couplings are provided to increase rejection of transmitter out of band emissions. Six and eight pole designs are available for 8-VSB and COFDM applications and listed below. Input and output connections are 3-1/8 or 4-1/16-inch, 50-ohm, unflanged.


  • ATSC, DVB-T and ISDB-T
  • Band tunable filter
  • Tunable for 6, 7, or 8 MHz Channels
  • Liquid Cooling Optional
  • Non-Critical and Critical Masks
  • Reflective or constant impedance models
  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • Temperature Compensated Design
  • Low insertion loss

Optional Items:

  • Fine-Matchers to optimize system performance
  • Directional Couplers to monitor system performance
  • Output Switching/Patching to test system performance
  • Low Pass Harmonic Filters

UF7500/UF17500/UF25000 Series UHF Band Pass Filters Product Brochure

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