UF20000/UF35000 Series UHF Band Pass Filters

The UF35000 is a uniquely designed tunable, high efficiency, waveguide UHF band pass filter. The power handling capability is 20 kW average power with convection cooling. Power handling is increased to 55 kW average power, with the addition of forced air cooling. The filter is band tunable and exceptionally efficient.


The filter is a temperature compensated design constructed of silver-plated Invar. The design incorporates a unique system that allows the size of the individual cavities within the filter to be precisely adjusted to achieve resonance. This unique approach simplifies the filter construction, promotes reliability, and contributes to the low insertion loss.

In addition to the unique cavity construction all UF Series band pass filters include multiple cross couplings are provided to increase rejection of transmitter out of band emissions. Six and eight pole designs are available for ATSC 1.0, ATSC3.0, ISDB-T and other COFDM applications. Input and output connections are 6-1/8-inch, 50-ohm, EIA flanged, male.

ERI can provide the UF35000 as a part of a complete RF system. ERI manufactures a broad array of accessory products including directional couplers, coaxial patch panels, motorized coaxial and waveguide switches, liquid cooled RF loads, adjustable fine matchers and low pass filters. These accessory components can be assembled into systems that include support frames for floor or ceiling mounted applications.


Optional Items

  • Fine-Matchers to optimize system performance
  • Directional Couplers to monitor system performance
  • Output Switching/Patching to test system performance
  • Low Pass Harmonic Filters

UF20000/UF35000 Series UHF Band Pass Filters Product Brochure