High Band VHF Low Pass Harmonic Filters


ERI offers a series of high rejection, low-pass harmonic filters for transmitter power levels up to 45 kW for high band VHF applications. Chebyshev design parameters define element values which, when synthesized, provide 40 dB or greater rejection at the 2nd harmonic and greater than 50 dB to the 5th harmonic. The oversized center section ensures optimal power handling capability. Each filter is individually tested and tuned for optimum electrical and mechanical performance. Measured test data is supplied with each filter.


  • High Rejection through 3rd Harmonic
  • Low Insertion Loss and VSWR
  • Minimized Length
  • Copper or Aluminum Construction
  • Built-in Couplers Available
  • Broadband Design

Common Specifications

  • Frequency Range:
    174 to 230 MHz
  • VSWR:
    < 1.06:1 over band
  • Insertion Loss:
    < 0.1 dB
  • Rejection:
    Single Channel > 40 dB at 2nd Harmonic > 50 dB 3rd to 5th Harmonic
  • Wide Band > 35 dB at 2nd Harmonic > 50 dB 3rd to 5th Harmonic
  • Insertion Length:
    48.00 inches | 1219 mm

Ordering Information

  • Specify flanged or unflanged input and output
  • Available as broadband filters or tuned to a single channel for greater rejection

Product Brochure

High Band VHF Low Pass Harmonic Filters Product Brochure

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