FI836 Integrated High Power FM Channel Combiner

The FI836 is a compact solution for combining two FM station into a single antenna. This is a single cabinet solution that is an economical alternative to traditional modular systems. The band pass filters are integrated into a single compact floor mounted cabinet that requires little or no on site combiner assembly. The filters are temperature compensated and the standard combiner configuration includes directional couplers at the combiner inputs and combined output.

Features and Benefits

  • Economical alternative to traditional branch combiner configurations
  • High stability temperature compensated cavities
  • Ability to change frequency quickly and with a minimum of disassembly
  • High power handling in a small footprint
  • 15 kW per input convection cooled (30 kW per input with forced air cooling)


  • Band:
  • Frequency Range:
    88 to 108 MHz
  • Minimum Frequency Spearation:
    1.6 MHz
  • Input Connectors:
    3-1/8-inch EIA flange
  • Output Connector:
    Specify 3-1/8-inch EIA or 4-1/16-inch flanged
  • Input Power Handling Capability:
    15 kW per input, convection cooled
  • 30 kW per input, with optional forced air cooling
  • Combiner Length:
    68.0 inches | 1727 mm
  • Combiner Width:
    45.0 inches | 1143 mm
  • Combiner Height:
    64.2 inches | 1631 mm
  • Combiner Weight:
    767 lbm | 347.8 kg
  • VSWR:
    < 1.07:1, ±150 kHz, maximum
  • Insertion Loss:
    < 0.20 dB
  • Group Delay
    < 100 nsec overall variation ±200 kHz

Product Brochure

FI836 Integrated High Power FM Channel Combiner Product Brochure

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