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FM Antennas and One with an INVISI-SHIELD®

The tower pictured is the Milwaukee PBS 3-arm candelabra tower located in Milwaukee’s Estabrook Park neighborhood. At the tower top are Milwaukee PBS’s television stations WMVS and WMVT, WVTV, WIWN and a number of Low Power TV facilities. On the tower shaft below the candelabra is Milwaukee Radio Alliance’s B93.3, WLDB, which is the 2-bay ERI SPHX-2AE which is near the top of the photo. The antenna below that is iHeart’s WMIL-FM’s ERI SHPX-2AC auxiliary FM antenna, which is equipped with optional radomes, and is protected from falling ice by an ERI INVISI-SHIELD®, Electrically Transparent Ice Shield. WMIL-FM’s main antenna is also an SHPX-2AC with radomes and it is out of frame at a little over 100-feet above the WLDB antenna.