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Attention, Use Correct Web Address!

Be sure you are communicating with

ERI has recently become aware that an individual or entity with no relationship to the company has registered the web domain “”.

If you are communicating with and/or doing business with ERI, make certain that any e-mail communications sent or received regarding orders and projects is sent to or received from ERI’s legitimate email address “”, not “”.

Further, ERI’s only commercial banking relationship is with Old National Bank headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. Old National is the only bank at which ERI receives wire transfer and Automated Clearinghouse Payments (ACH). If you are wiring payments to ERI for its products and services be certain the transfer instructions identify the correct institution “Old National Bank”.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact ERI at +1 (812) 925-6000.

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James Ruedlinger’s Featured Presentation at NAB 2018

James Ruedlinger, ERI’s Senior Vice President of Engineering. Presented an overview of the Impact of the New ANSI/TIA-222-H Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures on broadcast radio and television facilities. This brief overview provides a summary of the changes that are incorporated into the new standard versus the current 222-G Structural Standards. A copy of the presentation slides can be found at: Impact of New ANSI/TIA-222-H Standard on Broadcast

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Nicholas Paulin’s Featured Presentation at NAB 2018

Nick Paulin, ERI Product Engineering Manager, presented an expanded version of his NAB Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC) paper at ERI’s 26th Annual NAB Broadcaster’s Breakfast held on April 11, 2018 during NABSHOW2018 in Las Vegas. This presentation provides an overview of the design process and considerations for designing an FM channel combining system that can allow 19 FM Radio stations operating with -10 dBc IBOC simultaneously from a master FM antenna and combiner system. The antenna, transmission line, and combiner design criteria are discussed and the Empire State Building Auxiliary Master FM Antenna and Combiner system are highlighted. A copy of the presentation slides can be found at: Designing a 19 Station Broadcast System – Nicholas Paulin

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Tom Silliman’s Featured Presentation at NAB 2018

President and CEO of ERI, Tom Silliman, presented ‘Signs of End of Life: FM Antennas and Transmission Line Systems’ at the 2018 Public Radio Engineering Conference. His paper and presentation explored the indications and symptoms of FM antenna and transmission line systems that require replacement as they are at or near end of life. The paper included a discussion of symptoms of system impairment, recommended inspection procedures and methods, system test and measurement procedures and interpreting their results, and environmental and structural support circumstances that impact antenna and transmission line system life. A copy of the presentation slides can be found at: Signs of End of Life, FM Antenna & Transmission Line Systems – Tom B. Silliman

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ERI Introduces TRASAR® Digital Brochure

ERI’s new ERI Digital TRASAR® Brochure highlights our product capabilities, advantages and features. We are eager to show you how ERI’s unique capabilities can add value to your next project. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a custom proposal.

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