Job Title: RF Field Service Technician

Department: RF Division
Reports To: Field Service Manager, RF Division

Position Overview


Perform tasks necessary to fulfill customer requirements for on-site installation and tuning of broadcast filters, combiners and antenna systems. Perform routine and emergency maintenance of customer systems in response to trouble calls. Position requires working knowledge of broadcast transmission facilities, especially passive RF transmission components and systems.


  • Evaluate customer sites to determine component placement, including combiner(s), filter products and internal transmission line components relative to transmitter(s) and main transmission line interface.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose the integrity of the antenna, feed line, and filter components within the system.
  • Communicate effectively and represent ERI professionally with the customer, contractors and sub-contractors including tower crews, concerning project definition and scheduling.
  • Maintain records of field measurements and relevant notes as directed, including written and electronic documents.
  • Make various mechanical and electrical measurements and maintain organized data logs
  • Other duties as apparent or assigned.

Required Skills

  • Depending on mechanical or electrical specialty, perform specific duties, such as:
  • deliver, install and tune broadcast filters, combiners and antenna systems.
  • install filter racks and mezzanine in transmitter building
  • assist in measuring and recording product performance data, including intermodulation products and occupied bandwidth
  • sweep and tune transmission line and antenna systems
  • update antenna files using collected data as directed
  • measure, cut, and install rigid transmission line components as necessary to configure internal RF interconnect between transmitter(s) and main transmission line interface.
  • install mounting hardware and hangers to concrete ceilings, trusses and beams.
  • rebuild antennas in the field in accordance with factory specifications.
  • climb towers as necessary to accomplish DA certifications, inspections, perform minor repairs on antennas and/or transmission lines, and to assist with field tuning the antenna.
  • assist in assembly and tuning of broadcast filters in the lab as necessary.

Other Required Skills/Requirements

Familiarity with proper use, care, and function of test equipment, including network analyzers, Sitemaster return loss analyzers, time domain reflectometers, spectrum analyzers, field strength meters, RF signal generators, and hi-pots. General PC computer skills required, including proficiency with integrated software specific to certain test and measurement equipment, as well as general word processing, database management, and spreadsheet programs. Ability to safely and properly use general purpose manual tools. Ability to silver solder rigid line flanges. General knowledge of rigging practices, knots, and rigging equipment such as winches, come-alongs, and blocks and tackle.

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

Position requires office, lab, and field work. Some field work will be performed outdoors in widely varying climatic, geographic, and physical environments. Outdoor work may include tower climbing and working at heights. Working hours will be variable including evening and night work in order to accommodate customer needs. Travel for business, often via air, can be expected approximately 60-80% of working hours. Depending on mechanical or electrical specialty, position may require the ability to ascend and descend tower and other support structures while wearing/carrying gear and other items. Position requires the ability to lift objects weighing as much as 100 pounds. In possession of valid driver’s license and passport, capability to obtain rental cars for field work

Education Experience

Two year technical degree or equivalent preferred. Minimum of 2 years experience performing service or production work in a related field under similar conditions.