Job Title: RF Engineering Technician

Department: RF Engineering
Reports To: Product Engineering Manager, RF Division

Position Overview

Support Product Engineering with technical services relating to specific RF product lines, including development and improvement projects. Assist in the design, setup, analysis, and record keeping of mechanical and electrical experiments leading to the establishment, optimization and proof of new designs.


  • Setup and tear down test projects; assemble components under test.
  • Make various mechanical and electrical measurements, and maintain organized data logs
  • Prepare data, dimension and sketches for drafting and/or production.
  • Perform product specific duties, such as: Antenna - Assist with pattern development and measurement; collect pattern and impedance data, Transmission Line - Assist in testing and development of rigid line components and in obtaining field data for transmission line systems. Assist with field tuning of transmission line systems if necessary, Filter Systems: Assist with assembly, tuning, and testing of filter and combiner systems.

Required Skills

  • Use computer software tools, such as Word, Excel; and Adobe
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications. Basic math skills.
  • Make engineering sketches detailing as-built and tested components or systems.
  • Ability to operate electronic test equipment (network analyzer, variable power supply, low temp solder, etc)
  • Use basic hand tools and mechanical measurement tools (calipers)
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Good organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Technical interest and aptitude with the ability to work cooperatively with others

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

- Able to lift up to 50 lbs work on feet and/or sit for long periods of time
- Majority lab work with occasional outside work involving exposure to the elements

Education Experience

2 year Technical degree or equivalent college training in related field.

Production testing or technical field service background involving assembly, tuning, and testing of specific product type.