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WILL-AM-FM-TV Studio Tower at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

The tower on the right is a 250-foot self-supporting tower located on the University of Illinois campus at the WILL-AM-FM-TV studios in Urbana, Illinois. The tower has an overall height of 250-feet and was built so the STL antennas connecting the FM and television studios have a clear line of site, above a new building built on campus, to the WILL-TV and FM tower located outside Monticello, Illinois.

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Final Stages of the WNKY Installation Underway

ERI provided a new 500-foot guyed tower and an elliptically polarized, side mounted, TRASAR® UHF television antenna to Marque Broadcasting’s WNKY, serving Bowling Green, Kentucky. The new tower was required to support the new antenna installed to move to WNKY FCC mandated RF channel change. The project is now in its final phase of de-stacking the old tower and when this photo was taken the top 100-feet of the ole tower had been removed. This photo is courtesy of the FullWave Tower & Broadcast installation crew.

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WOHL and WLIO Stacked TRASAR® Antennas on a new ERI Tower

The antennas pictured are a stacked array of two TRASAR® Television antennas. The antenna are mounted on top of a new 539-foot guyed tower designed, fabricated and installed by ERI. The antennas mounted at the tower top include an RF Channel 8 Elliptically Polarized High Band VHF TRASAR® antenna and a Circularly Polarized RF Channel 15 UHF TRASAR® antenna. The overall height of the structure, with the antennas installed is 600-feet. ERI also designed and manufactured the gin pole pictured that was used to stack the new tower and install the new top mounted antennas.

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American University’s Master FM Antenna Assembled and Erected for Final Tuning and Test

The new Master FM Antenna for WAMU (FM), WETA (FM), WPFW (FM) and WTOP-FM, all serving Washington, DC, is fully assembled and being erected on a Test Stand for final tuning at ERI’s Factory. As mentioned in previous posts this Master FM Antenna has two (2) inputs, one is Lefthand Circular Polarized and the other is Righthand Circularly Polarized. The Righthand CP input is nondirectional and the Lefthand CP input is directional to comply with licensed facilities authorized for WTOP-FM’s main antenna.

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New three (3) station FM branch combiner just finished with final test

This three station branch FM channel combiner has just completed tuning and testing and will be disassembled for painting and shipment to site. The combiner will feed an ERI AXIOM® master FM antenna that will provide auxiliary transmission facilities for three (3) FM radio stations in a Top 50 US Radio Market. The system combines three Class C FM stations into a single rigid transmission line feeding a 12-bay broadband ERI AXIOM Master FM antenna.

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UF3000 UHF RF System Ready for Packing

The filter pictured is a UHF RF System with a six-section reflective full service FCC mask filter for RF Channel 16. The filter system was built for KTKA (DT), Topeka, Kansas. The mask filter is mounted in a support frame and the system includes a dual port adjustable directional coupler at the filter output and a four-port 1-5/8-inch motorized coaxial switch which will direct the system output to either the antenna or a system test load (not shown).

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Texas Association of Broadcasters (TAB) 2020

Convention & Trade Show

Texas Association of Broadcasters 67th Annual Convention & Trade Show

July 29-30, 2020 – JW Marriott Downtown Austin

The event is the largest state broadcast association convention in the nation…it’s THE place to do business in Texas broadcasting.
  • 1,400+ annual registrants from Radio and Television stations in Texas, and across the US
  • 137+ booth Trade Show featuring the latest products and services from broadcast vendors and suppliers
  • Day and a half of training geared towards broadcast owners, managers, salespeople, engineers, technical contacts
  • Fantastic networking opportunities