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NAB Show® 2021

October 9-13, 2021  ~  Las Vegas, Nevada

The World’s Largest Marketplace for Media and Entertainment

From concept to best-in-breed, the future is revealed at NAB Show®—however you choose to engage. As the premier marketplace for media and entertainment, this is where the global content economy meets business and big ideas are born. See tomorrow’s innovations in streaming, IP, 5G and beyond transform from ideation to realization. And develop strategic partnerships with visionary startups and trusted leading brands headed in bold new directions. Discovery. Opportunity. Collaboration. Expect to experience it all in this unrivaled forum filled with never-before-seen products, groundbreaking services and limitless possibility for every platform.

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WXXI-TV Rochester, New York – Top Mounted UHF TRASAR® Television Antenna

The antenna pictured is the new ERI TRASAR® elliptically polarized UHF television installed for WXXI-TV’s new repack RF Channel 22 antenna. The move from RF Channel 16 to RF Channel 200 was part of the FCC mandated repack to free up RF spectrum for wireless communications. The antenna is mounted at the top of the 276-foot WXXI owned tower on Pinnacle Hill southeast of Rochester. The top of the TRASAR antenna is 345-feet above ground level. This antenna replaced the RF Channel 16 elliptically polarized ERI TRASAR antenna installed in 2014. Photo courtesy of Mike Fitzpatrick/

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Tower Legs for a New 90-Foot Self Supporting Microwave Tower for Puerto Rico

The forklift is off-loading a truckload of leg steel back from galvanizing for a new 90-foot self-supporting tower to be shipped and installed in Puerto Rico. This tower will support four (4) 6-foot parabolic grids and a VHF yagi receive antenna. The next step is an inspection by ERI quality assurance personnel to confirm that each leg has been properly galvanized per engineering and ASTM specifications.

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New High Power RF Channel 8 Top-Mounted TRASAR® Television Antenna Ready to Head to Shipping

This new high-power RF Channel 8 TRASAR® television antenna is through final tuning and test and is ready for shipment to site. A top-mounted nondirectional television antenna is horizontally polarized and uses a galvanized steel climbing pole for beacon access. If the antenna included a vertically polarized component, it would have a fiberglass climbing. All ERI top-mounted television antennas are provided with dedicated rigging lug attachments at the base of the antenna. This offers superior load control during lifting and installation. It also allows for reduced gin pole headroom (aka cantilever), which ultimately reduces the gin pole size required. This also provides climbers superior access and safety.

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Spanish Broadcasting Systems WLEY-FM’s Directional SHP Series ROTOTILLER® FM Antenna

AN ERI directional FM antenna the licensed primary antenna for Spanish Broadcasting’s WLEY-FM in Chicago (Aurora). The FM antenna is an ERI Model SHP-4AC-DA-HW 4-bay array with half-wavelength bay-to-bay spacing. The directional FM antenna is installed at the top of a 748-foot AM tower in Bloomingdale (IL), owned by Entercom and home to WSCR, 670 kHz (formerly WMAQ) and WBBM 780 kHz. Photo owned by and courtesy of Mike Fitzpatrick/

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Two new FM Bandpass Filters for the Windy City

These filter cavities were just finished with painting and heading for packing and shipment to their home in Chicago. The two 4-section FM bandpass filters are headed to the Willis Tower in Chicago for installation at separate main and auxiliary FM transmitters. When assembled, the filters will have forced air-cooling on each tank. They can handle up to 10 kW, after filter losses.