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Another 788 All Pass™High Efficiency FM Analog/HD Radio™ Diplexer in Assembly

This item is an ERI Model 788A-SP High-Efficiency FM Analog/HD Digital Diplexer. ERI’s innovative All Pass™ design allows stations to operate hybrid digital with HD Radio™ power levels up to -10dBc. The All Pass Diplexer maintains high efficiency while incurring a much smaller penalty to performance than other methods currently available. The analog insertion is less than 0.35 dB, and the digital HD Radio signal loss is less than 1.4 dB with digital group delay variation less than 600 nsec and is fully compliant with the HD Radio™ FM Transmission System Specifications. The 788 is an ideal choice for FM stations that have very high FM transmitter power output requirements due to long transmission line runs and also have the desire to operate at elevated HD power levels.