Assembler (Filters, RLA, Rigid Line, TV)

Assemblers perform complex and difficult manual operations in connection with assembly or manufacture of a product utilizing a variety of tools and equipment according to required specifications. ERI fills the position of
“Assembler” in many departments. Assemblers are encouraged to be proficient in all departments and may be rotated as needed to meet demands.

Process Technician

ERI’s Process Technician is responsible for collecting any and all data as it pertains to the manufacturing processes. Analyzing data and establishing labor times for standard products.

Production Assistant

ERI’s Production Assistant is responsible for the daily input of data into the Visual Manufacturing System.


Responsible for receiving and inspecting incoming products for distribution throughout the plant.

RF Engineering Technician

Support Product Engineering with technical services relating to specific RF product lines, including development and improvement projects. Assist in the design, setup, analysis, and record keeping of mechanical and electrical experiments leading to the establishment, optimization and proof of new designs.

Skilled Fabricator

This position will perform the functions of a Skilled Fabricator, with a wide range of knowledge of equipment, print reading and mathematics; with experience to work with minimal direction. The Fabricator will work from mechanical drawings to layout and fabricate slotted steel pipe. The Fabricator must posses an understanding of dimensional inspections using equipment such as dial caliper, tape measures, protractors and squares. They must be able to make the necessary adjustments to equipment so as to maximize efficiency.

Tuning Technician Assistant

Technicians Assistants are responsible for helping with the tuning and testing of TV Antennas using mechanical drawings, engineering specifications and oral information supplied by the Tuning Technicians.

Welder (MIG, Stick, TIG, Silver Braze, Structural, Antenna, Rigid Line, TV Tuning)

ERI applies the position “Welder” to employees with specialized technical expertise and work experience in bonding metals together by applying heat or electricity. The combination of expertise and experience is used to categorize Welders by Level 1, 2 or 3. There are several types of welding processes that ERI utilizes, such as Stick (SMAW), MIG, TIG Welding and Silver Brazing. Welders are encouraged, but not required to be proficient at all techniques.



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