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ERI AXIOM™ Master FM Antenna on the IDS Center in Minneapolis

Located in downtown Minneapolis the communication towers on top of the IDS Center, 910-feet (277...

ERI Delivers for ABC Affilliate KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma

ABC affiliate KTUL in Tulsa, Oklahoma faced a problem with their post-digital-transition coverag...

ERI Provides Complete Tower Make Over for WEHT NEWS25 Post Transition Digital Operations

WEHT NEWS25, ABC’s affiliate serving Evansville Indiana, has completed the construction of...

Press Releases

ERI Offers Improved UF Series UHF Mask Filters

Apr 05, 2015

Electronics Research Inc. (ERI) is introducing improved version of their UHF Mask Fi...

ERI Introduces Tunable 1 kW High Band VHF Mask Filter

Apr 05, 2015

The ERI VF1000 Series high band VHF mask filter is tunable and exceptionally efficient allo...

ERI Introduces LAL Series Low Power UHF Television Antenna

Apr 05, 2015

The ERI LAL Series UHF television antenna is an economical choice for digital or analog UHF...

ERI Launches Enhanced 788 Series ALLPASS™ Diplexer

The new 788 Series ALLPASS™ high power HD Radio FM analog/IBOC diplexer features increa...

ERI Introduces 995 Series Constant Impedance Ganged Circulator System

Electronics Research, Inc. introduces the 995 Series of FM Ganged Circulator Systems at NABSHOW ...

ERI Introduces the 1190 Series FM Panel Antenna

Electronics Research, Inc. introduces a new circularly polarized FM panel antenna for directiona...

ERI Announces New Low Power UHF Filter

Electronics Research, Inc. introduces the CF2001 Series low power UHF band pass mask filter. Thi...

ERI Expands AL Series Low Power UHF Antennas

Electronics Research, Inc. has expanded the AL Series UHF television antenna product line to inc...

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Apr 18, 2016 - Apr 21, 2016

Other Resources

High Level IBOC Combining Methods for Single Input Antenna Systems

Combining separate analog and HD Radio FM transmitters into a single antenna allows broadcasters... > Download File

Analysis of Pressurized Radome Enclosures

Enclosures are discussed for the protection of antenna equipment in extreme environments. > Download File

Antenna Contributions to Amplitude and Phase Variation Across a Broadcast Channel

Antenna amplitude and phase patterns, differential amplitude, differential phase, and group-dela... > Download File

Array Antenna Pattern Measurement Techniques

Antenna patterns are measured using two independent methods and compared. Excellent agreement be... > Download File

Analysis of Antenna Beam-tilt and Broadcast Coverage

Antenna beam tilt affects areas covered by strong signals. Improvements greater than 10dB are re... > Download File

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