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LYNX Series II Dual Input Dual Polarized FM Antenna

Type Number:


LYNX Series II Dual Input Dual Polarized FM Antenna

Electrical Specifications

Number of Bays:4
Power Gain:1.8420 numeric | 2.6529 dB
Input Type:3 1/8 inch 50 Ohm EIA Female Analog | 1 5/8 inch 50 Ohm EIA Female Digital
Feed Configuration:
Input Power Rating:24 kW
Bay to Bay Spacing:0.75 Wave Length

Mechanical Specifications

Weight, Antenna only:1248 lbm | 566.08 kg
Weight, Antenna with radome:1466 lbm | 664.97 kg
Weight, Antenn with half inch of ice:1930 lbm | 875.43 kg
Weight, Antenna with radome and half inch of ice:2423 lbm | 1,099.05 kg

Electrical Specification Notes

Power rating given is analog RF input power level. Antenna input power rating assumes additional digital RF input of 10% of analog power rating.

Mechanical Specification Notes

(1) All loads calculated in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-222 standard. (2) Provided effective wind areas, CaAa, do NOT include potential wind shielding/interference due to the interaction with the supporting structure (i.e. does not include Ka factor). (3) Listed antenna weights and effective wind areas assume 98 MHz and include the antenna radiating elements, feed harnessing, and standard leg mounting brackets. Special mounting bracket loads for face-mounted and/or pole standoff mounted systems are NOT included. Final design loads will vary for specific projects and should be verified by an ERI representative when precise loading is required.

All designs, specifications, and availabilities of products and services presented in this publication are subject to change without notice.

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